Safeguard your mobile from drop, loss and theft

Could you be without your mobile?

You may not be one of the 22% of people who would prefer to live without their partner than manage without their mobile, but it’s still not a pleasant prospect.

A lost mobile means lost sensitive personal data. Of the 70 million mobiles lost per year worldwide, only 7% are ever recovered.

Ever dropped your mobile?

If you have, you’re not alone – 90% of smart phone users drop their’s at least once a month. If you haven’t yet, it’s just a matter of time and you’re bound to know plenty who have.

Don’t imagine the ‘five second rule’ will come to your rescue; most drops result in cracked screens and worse. Screen repairs alone now average over £200 a time!

Safeguard your mobile from drop, loss and theft with a fonestrap

Deceptively simple, fonestraps have been cleverly designed and meticulously developed to give you the peace of mind that your mobile is safeguarded against drop, loss and theft. 

Pickpockets prey on mobiles users 

Like most people you probably carry your phone in a convenient pocket; easy for you to get to, right? Which means it’s just as easy for a pickpocket to get to!

Any busy public place is teaming with potential victims, rich rewards for criminals. Throw in a bit of bumping and barging at festivals and sporting events and it’s all too easy to come away minus your mobile.

A fonestrap and tetherlead extension (optional) allows you to secure your phone to a belt or bag, so thwarting any would-be pickpocket.

Three ways mobiles are stolen

By pickpockets, by distraction thieves or by snatch thieves.

Three ways mobiles are stolen

By pickpockets, by distraction thieves or by snatch thieves.

Police warn of increased distraction thefts

Criminals are targeting coffee shops and restaurants to steal mobiles from tables while diners’ attention is elsewhere.

Thieves distract victims, then use paper or maps to cover phones and take them straight off the table.

In conjunction with an optional tetherlead you can quickly attach your mobile to a convenient anchor point, like your belt, handbag, a table leg or your chair, making it impossible to steal. 

Relax and enjoy your meal

With a fonestrap and tetherlead your mobile will be safely attached to a table leg, your belt or bag, allowing you to concentrate on the conversation, safe in the knowledge that you won’t be the victim of such a theft.

Optional tetherlead

A secure extension to your fonestrap.

O-rings are sewn into terminal loops at each end of the high tensile polyester lead. They clip to your fonestrap and so become a complete mobile tethering system. 

Even if you don’t use the tetherlead very often, it’s handy to keep in your bag ready for the times you may need to add it to your fonestrap. 

The tetherlead can attach to a variety of anchor points such as your belt or any stable object, for example a table leg, handbag, rucksack, shopping trolley, arm of a chair or tent pole.

Designed to allow different configurations which change the distance from the anchor point to your phone. 

Snatch thefts on the increase

In towns and cities brazened moped gangs are making off thousands of mobiles a month. Some boast of bagging up to twenty an hour! Adding up to almost half a million stolen phones a year in Britain alone. 

We recommend that you regularly back up your data, music and photos, change your sensitive passwords, keep your mobile locked and make a note of it’s IMEI number. Sadly, however, none of those important measures will make a thief give you back your phone once it’s been snatched.    

Plain Sailing

A fonestrap allows you to tether your mobile to yourself, or part of the boat, so you can be confident knowing that even if it slips from your wet grip, it’ll always be safe.

Being waterproof won’t prevent your phone sinking to the ocean floor, and there’s no coming back from there!

Technically speaking

Industrial strength adhesive secures the fonestrap to the back of your mobile or the inside of your hard case – exceptionally strong but easily removed without damaging your phone.

The basic fonestrap comprises three parts:

Wrist strap made of military-grade high tensile micro-webbing for maximum strength.

O-ring (B) made of durable thermoplastic, giving minimum friction and abrasion resistance.

Double spring clip made of thermoplastic polymer and steel for high mechanical strength and rigidity. Quick release mechanism.