Whether you’re travelling, commuting, shopping, enjoying a festival or attending a sporting event, you’re a target for professional phone thieves.

With a fonestraps you can relax knowing that your mobile is safely attached.

Three ways mobiles are stolen

By pickpockets, by distraction thieves or by snatch thieves.


Like most people, you probably carry your phone in a convenient pocket; nice and easy for you to get to. Which means it’s just as easy for a pickpocket to get to!

Any busy public place is teaming with potential victims, easy pickings for criminals. Throw in a bit of bumping and barging a and it’s all too easy to come away minus your mobile.

A fonestrap and tetherlead extension allows you to secure your phone to a belt or bag, so thwarting all would-be pickpockets in their tracks.

Distraction theft

Coffee shops, restaurants and bars are venues of choice for thieves to steal mobiles right from under the noses of diners while their attention is elsewhere.

Often thieves distract victims, then use newspapers or maps to cover phones and take them straight off the table as they leave.

With a fonestrap and tetherlead you can quickly attach your mobile to a convenient anchor point, like your belt, handbag, a table leg or your chair, making it impossible to steal. 

Allowing you to concentrate on the conversation, safe in the knowledge that you won’t be the next victim.

Snatch theft 

In towns and cities youths on mopeds are making off with thousands of mobiles a month. Some boast of bagging up to twenty an hour! Adding up to almost half a million stolen phones a year in Britain alone. 

We recommend that you regularly back up your data, music and photos, change your sensitive passwords, keep your mobile locked and make a note of it’s IMEI number. Sadly, however, none of those important measures will make a thief give you back your phone once it’s been stolen. The best way to protect your phone and its contents is not to prevent it being taken in the first place… with a fonestrap.