Technically speaking

Made from recycled post-consumer PET plastic, fonestraps will not only save your mobile but also help to save the planet along the way. 

All parts are rigorously tested at every stage of manufacture. Scientifically formulated industrial strength adhesive secures the fonestrap to the back of your mobile or the inside of your hard case – exceptionally strong but easily removed without damaging your phone.

As you can see from the patent diagram detail, the basic fonestrap comprises three parts, made from recycled PET:

Wrist strap (A) military-grade high tensile micro-webbing for maximum strength. 

Thermoplastic o-ring (B) excellent dimensional stability, minimum friction, low wear, solvent and fuel repelling, fatigue and abrasion resistance.

Double ended spring clip (C) durable thermoplastic polymer and steel for high mechanical strength and rigidity.

The system is completed with an optional tetherlead (D) which can attach to a variety of anchor points, such as your belt or any stable object: a table leg, handbag, rucksack, shopping trolley, arm of a chair or tent pole for example. Also made from recycled PET.

O-rings (B2 and B3) are sewn into terminal loops at each end of the high tensile polyester lead. They clip to your fonestrap and so become a complete mobile tethering system. Designed to allow different configurations which change the distance from the anchor point to your phone. 

The combination of fonestrap and optional tetherlead allows you to quickly attach your mobile to a convenient anchor point, like your belt, handbag, a table leg or chair, making it impossible to snatch. 

1. Simply slide your belt through one of the terminal loops. This fixing method offers you the longest tether: 450mm + fonestrap, plenty to reach your ear without unclipping, but short of the floor if you drop it.

2. Threading the tetherlead back through itself avoids the need to undo your belt. Giving you a 300mm extension to your fonestrap.

Letting you attach quickly to a convenient stable object up to 420mm in circumference.

3. Simply pass the tetherlead around the chosen anchor point, using both o-rings to connect to the spring clip. Giving you a 200mm extension to your fonestrap.

4. If you want a shorter lead, attach to your belt or anchor point by folding in half, passing around the object and feeding both ends through the loop you’ve created, tightening to secure. Use both o-rings to connect to the spring clip on your fonestrap.

Even if you don’t use the tetherlead very often, it’s handy to keep in your bag ready for the times you may need to add it to your fonestrap.